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IKKAI|Donburi, Sukiyaki, Izakaya

A Culinary Passage to Japan's Heart. Rooted in a passion for Japanese gastronomy, IKKAI is a haven where tradition, innovation, and the finest Wagyu converge. Our skilled chefs meticulously craft sukiyaki, izakaya, and donburi dishes, showcasing the exquisite flavor of Wagyu beef and transporting you to the vibrant streets of Japan. With every bite, we share a piece of our devotion to authenticity and exceptional flavors. Nestled at 113 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000, our warm ambiance and attentive service complete the journey, making IKKAI an embodiment of Japanese culinary artistry. Join us to celebrate the essence of Japan and the unparalleled taste of Wagyu, experiencing the soul of IKKAI.